PBN Backlinks 5-20 TF
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PBN Backlinks 5-20 TF

1 PBN link gets you around 20-50 RD (Referring Domains) and TF5-20 websites. RD and TF are the strongest indicators of the authoritativeness of the domain. RD defines how strong it is, while TF defines how trustworthy it is. The links come within blog posts!

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Price: $50 /Post
Reference: Off-site SEO
VAT: Included

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Off-site SEO is all the SEO that you do outside of your website. This includes link building, social media adverts, paid adverts, blogs, etc... In order for your website to rank well, search engines need to see that your website is linked/mentioned from other authoritative websites in your own niche. The best way to do it is to build quality backlinks that link to your website.

We will

-Place your backlink within a blog post

-Use the correct keyword anchor text

-PBN website will be 5-20 TF (Trust Flow)

-PBN website will be 20-50 RD (Referring Domains)

-We can write the blog post or you can provide it for us

-If you provide the blog post we can discount 25% of the price. In this case use Code at checkout: MYPOSTS

We only accept websites in the following niches:

Hosting, Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Server Hosting, Image Hosting, File Hosting, VPN Hosting, Domain Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Web Servers, Website Hosting, (Any) Technology, Etc... Any variation/combination and can be a long-tail keyword as well.

Gaming, Gaming (any game) account buy/sell/trading, Gaming (any game) Currency buy/sell/trading, Gaming (any game) RMT (real money trading), Gaming (any game)/Clan/Guild blogs/forums/websites, Etc... Any variation/combination and can be a long-tail keyword as well.

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Service Specifics
Platform Any
Type Web Service
Price One Time

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