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Hosting Development

Creating Hosting and VPN businesses from start to finish


At WebDevote we specialize in a few ready made businesses that we would like to offer as a separate service due to their popularity.

We have become extremely proficient at building Webhosting and VPN service providers from start to finish. There seem to be a high demand as well, due to how easy it is to maintain such a provider and that it generates a good amount of passive income with minimal ongoing costs.

Some say that the hosting industry is already oversaturated. We can tell you from experience that this is not the case. Even as a micro business you can make a reasonable income that fairly passive.

With these packages we will build the website, back-end, applications and we will manage and maintain the hosting packages for all your customers (if you buy the reseller Hosting from us). You only have to focus on your sales!

We have also prewritten a PDF that describes the process of creating an online business from start to finish with a lot of important information. This includes which domain, website and SEO services you need. You can download the PDF here!

Why choose WebDevote Services

WebDevote offers you quality support and will teach you any skills needed to maintain your business

No Downtime

There is no downtime whatsoever no matter which service you order from us

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Constant Support

Our support team is ready to help even well after we completed the work

Learn and Maintain

We will also teach you any necessary skill or competency needed

Hosting Development FAQs

These questions are the most frequently asked regarding our Hosting Development services

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Full Website/Business Development PDF

Informational PDF Download