The Purpose of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are coins that companies order for special events. The company logo, slogan, and the company’s mission statement are printed on the coins. The coins are not just for ornamental purposes; they are also used in different organizations to serve an important cause.

Members of the US military carry this special coin with them all the time to symbolize unit identity and esprit de corps. These coins are minted for military units, each bearing specific mottos and symbols. These coins remain to be an important part of military life and are valued by troops in every branch of service.

Soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors carry their coins anywhere they go. These coins identify the owner as a member of a specific unit with a well-defined mission and history. And each time they gather, they challenge each other by coining.

The Popularity of Challenge Coins

Challenge coinsMilitary coins became popular during the Vietnam War, inspired by military forces that created coins to display their identity and their strong bond. Other groups wanted their own coin to symbolize their pride and build camaraderie and membership within an elite group.

A challenge coin is not just a token. This is a great source of pride for America’s warriors at every level in the chain of command. Those with a higher rank use them as on-the-spot awards. Some military leaders use these coins as gifts to civilian VIPs or foreign dignitaries.

Essentially, one should have his challenge coin all the time. Coin checks remain part of military life, and several penalties are still handed over to those who forgot to bring their coins.

How A Soldier’s Life Was Saved By His Challenge Coin: A True Story     

The soldier’s plane was damaged severely. The Germans caught him and he was taken captive after his plane crash-landed on enemy territory. The Germans took everything he had except his challenge coin in a leather satchel. The British bombarded the Germans and the soldier took advantage of the situation and escape. He put on a military outfit and successfully escaped the Germans; however, the French did not recognize him as well. When the French was about to put him to death, he showed his medallion. One of the French soldiers noticed the American insignia and he was released.

Other Uses of Challenge Coins

Various NGOs, colleges, churches, schools, and organizations use them to show support for a noble cause. For example, there are several people who support the campaign against AIDS. They put on these coins to create and build awareness for their said cause. Each year, various organizations supporting an advocacy distribute their own customized coins. While these organizations serve a global issue, the color, text, design, graphics, are customized to signify that specific organization.

Customized Coins for Special Occasions

There are lots of people who purchase customized challenge coins during special events. Even private individuals believe that using these coins for their personal event will make it more memorable. Some of the events include 9/11 day, Thanksgiving Day, Parents’ Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other important days that are commemorated globally. Many small and big companies use coins to promote their present and future products. This inexpensive but expressive material is great for advertising a company’s products and services.

For customizing these coins, there are lots of options. The variations can be done in the shape, graphics, logo, material, color, text, and others. The materials used in making these coins also vary. Some are made of gold and others are made of silver. These coins are definitely more expensive compared to other types of challenge coins.

Printed Circuit Board Development Tips: Planning and Designing Stage

If not tested properly, a printed circuit board may always contain short and open connections – due to mistakes. It may be because of how you designed the circuit. In this article, you will learn tips on how to test your “future” circuit, by starting from the planning and design stage. They do not require the physical alteration of the PCB. You just plan and design the circuit in a computer or using plain paper.

Planning Stage

In this stage, you should have a specific problem that you want to solve. In a simple electronics hobby project, it may be just to light up some LEDs. In a more complicated one, it may be to light it up, if a presence of an object is detected.

With every problem, there is a solution. This is the importance of the planning stage. You should understand where you can get a schematic diagram for the projects that you will create. You should also comprehend the circuit and its components, and the underlying theories of how it works, and why it will work.

The Internet is your friend. Various Internet electronics blogs, sites and forums cater to that need, free of charge. You can also consult electronics cookbooks and academic books that specialize in electronics theories and circuit making.

printed circuit boardYou should also plan on your budget. Electronics parts can cost from a few dollars to a couple of hundreds. Complicated circuits could cost more. This is why a plan should be created: in order not to waste time and money. A tip here is to always start small, especially if you are just new to electronics printed circuit board making. You cannot create complicated sensor-based circuits if you cannot even light up a set of LEDs. It may be too late to return your purchased money if the complicated circuit components you purchased, did not even meet one of your objectives.

Design Stage

You will create the blueprint in this stage. The blueprint, or schematic diagram, must first be modified or tested for your specific use. You can use pen and paper to create the blueprint. You can also use an electronics simulation software to check whether the circuit really works, or not.

You must also use the breadboard to physically test the components and connections, after the schematic diagram is partially, or completely finalized. You then need to modify them, based on what knowledge or electronics components you have right now. You must consider this tip because a breadboard’s layout can also be your exact printed circuit board layout.

The design stage is needed to check if the circuit really meets your objectives. This is done through computer simulation and physical testing thru breadboard. It is possible that an electronics part can be obsolete or out of stock. A component can be replaced, if a compatible one is available. Some components you have bought, however, may not be compatible with the others. This is why you must first use a breadboard to check each component, even though everything appears to work in simulation. Take note that simulation is just based on available theories and computations. They are just ideal, and not real values.

You must also possess both the digital multimeter and its analog counterpart, the VOM. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. You must check the input voltage and their corresponding outputs using a voltmeter. You must also check for wrong resistance values, or short circuited components using an ohmmeter. You can also check for shorts in the connections by using the continuity function of the multimeter. There are many parameters to check, but these are the essentials.


You must thoroughly check if the designed circuit is actually working, before you completely assemble them to a printed circuit board. It can save you the regret of investing time and money in a circuit that is not working. A tip here is always use the breadboard.

Planning and designing should be done to save your precious time, money and effort. You do this at the start. Do not do this when your printed circuit board is already fixed.

Embalming as Part of Funeral Services

Aside from preparing the setting and decorations, obituaries and invitations, legal documents and ministers, and burial site or columbarium, one part of the funeral services is the embalming. Embalming is the method of preserving the body of the deceased before it is put in a casket and displayed for public viewing. This process delays the decomposition of the body.

The history of embalming can be traced back to Chinchorro in Chile about 6,000 to 7,000 years ago. It was also practiced by the Ancient Egyptians. It was referred to as the mummification process and it was associated with their spiritual belief. During the Renaissance Period, the height of the scientific study about embalming was reached. There were chemicals and methods which were discovered and developed. In this modern era, embalming as offered as part of funeral services.

funeral servicesFuneral homes have embalmers who are in charge of this process. They are licensed professionals, which means that they have proper education and training in the science of embalming. They take are required to pass an official licensing exam before they are able to practice their craft.

The process of embalming is quite simple. Its objectives are to cleanse the body and preserve it through the use of chemicals. First, the body is placed on a mortuary table where it is stripped of clothing and examined. The body is then cleansed and checked for muscle stiffness. In most instances, the embalmer is tasked to “restore” the appearance of the body to a more relaxed state. Such is the case when the face of the deceased has been disfigured in some way due to illness or accident. Any scars, bruises, or cuts that affect the body’s appearance will have to be fixed by the embalmer.

Chemicals are injected into the body to preserve it. The face of the deceased will also be cosmetically enhanced to make it look like he is peacefully asleep. The cosmetics used are no different from what is normally used by people who are alive. The family usually provides a picture of the deceased to be used as reference by the embalmer in the restoration process.

The clothing that is put on the deceased body is provided by the family. The choice of outfit is normally formal – a dress for females and a suit for males. The family normally chooses the deceased favorite formal. In some instances, the deceased has already picked out the outfit he wishes to wear before his passing. Other items that the family might want to put in the casket are also given to the embalmer. Rosaries and family heirlooms are common items that are put in the casket with the body. These are usually based on religious beliefs and tradition.

There are sanitation guidelines that funeral services providers are required to comply with. This prevents risks of contamination of the body and health issues among the family and friends who will be around the body during the funeral. It is important to ask the funeral director about certifications and proof of compliance to industry standards.

How the body looks during the funeral services is important. This is the last image that family and friends will see before he is laid to rest in his final resting place. Embalming is not a procedure that should be taken for granted. It is an important part of giving respect to the deceased and making sure that he is treated with dignity. There are some cases when the family opts to have a closed casket during the funeral. Even during these instances, making sure that the body is properly embalmed is necessary.

Employee Engagement 101

How are you going to create employee engagement within your organization? What are the main characteristics of engaged employees? What will you get if you allow your employees to be engaged? The answers to these questions can be found below.


Employee engagementIt is the functional and emotional commitment of an employee to the institution where he or she is working. Organizations that encourage employee engagement beat other companies (in several aspects ) who do not have such by 202 percent. Though the benefits of employee engagement are clear, many companies still struggle to achieve this as around 71 percent of employees report that they are not completely engaged in their company.

The Key Ingredients

It is believed that employees do not leave their organizations but the people they work with. Many people claim that they are not engaged because of the people running the company. Here are the key ingredients of employee engagement.

1. The relationships of employees with their immediate superiors. About 80 percent of employees reported that they were dissatisfied with their direct superiors because they were not allowed to be engaged. For instance, a new policy was made without considering the opinions, insights, and experience of the employees. As a result, employees will feel they were not part of the policy-making process, which makes them feel disengaged.

2. The trust and belief of employees toward top management. About 70 percent of employees who do not have trust and confidence in the management are not engaged with their company.

3. The pride of every employee working in the organization. An estimated 54 percent of employees who are proud about working with their company are fully engaged.

Characteristics of Engaged Employees

If you want to spot engaged employees in your organizations, be on the lookout for these attributes.

• They are enthusiastic in doing their job every day.

• They are motivated and inspired by their leaders.

• They are permitted to work and accomplish their tasks the way they want to or are given enough freedom and independence, provided the expected output is delivered.

• They are confident that they can meet the expected outcome and reach excellence.

Ways to Enhance the Engagement of Employees

• Senior leaders or top management must clearly convey the vision, mission, and core values of the company to the employees. Without these three, the employees will not know the company’s directions and the reasons they have to work hard.

• Senior leaders or top management must show and let the employees feel that they are key players in the organization no matter what their role is.

• Direct superiors must empower their employees by letting them know that they are valuable contributors to the success of the company.

• Employees must be encouraged to influence and openly communicate the vision, mission, and core values through their inputs.

• Immediate superiors must create healthy and harmonious relationships with their employees.

• Team leaders or managers must encourage team volunteerism as a means of giving back to the community. The companies must support the charitable institutions that their employees care about through giving volunteer grants and the like.

Benefits of Corporate-Giving Packages

One of the ways to enhance employee engagement is providing employee corporate-giving packages. This gesture shows that the organization cares about the community that the employees care about. Here is a list of benefits for the corporation, employees, and the charitable institution:

• The employees and the management will have rewarding and enjoyable team-building events.

• Both parties will have a chance to share the blessings to the community.

• The reputation of the corporation will be uplifted through positive press release.

• The non-profit organizations or charitable institutions will receive unending volunteer support and additional funds.

Understanding Web Host Servers

When trying to put up a website, you will need a web host to put in your web files and where you can monitor the site’s traffic, memory use, etc. This web host is basically a physical machine just like a computer but differs in the type and function. There are three types of web hosts:

1.Shared Hosting

2.Dedicated Server Hosting

3.Cloud servers

Shared hosting is a budget-friendly type of web hosting. It is used by people who are trying to start up a website. The idea of sharing makes shared hosting economical. With many people “sharing” the same server, you share the same disk space, RAM and operating system. With that, you are not allowed to do things that will affect the others such as changing the operating system. With this interconnectedness and interrelatedness, one website failure can affect all the existing users of that server.

Dedicated server hosting is the direct opposite of shared hosting. It is expensive because it is exclusive only to one user. You will have your own disk space, own RAM and own operating system. Your server is independent from the others and will not be affected if other websites fail.

Cloud servers are a marriage between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. It is like getting the best of both types of web hosting. VPS enjoys the exclusivity of own disk space, RAM, and operating system though you are sharing the same physical server. Moreover, VPS is way more economical than dedicated servers.

Cloud serversThink of the web host as a house. Let’s say you and your little brother share the same room because your mother wants somebody look after your brother. You occupy the same room and the same space. You share the same bathroom, and perhaps even share the same bed. This type of sharing is what we call Shared Hosting.

In shared hosting, several people are using the same server to put up their website/s. Thus, several websites will be using the computer’s RAM and disk space. The problem with this is that some users could be using more than what others actually do. However, the ideal thought should be that people must equally share the server’s capacity. In addition, the rest of the users will be affected when a problem occurs. The problem can neither be due to the server or a user alone.

Now that both of you are grown-ups, you will now need a little privacy from each other. Your parents will now give you separate rooms. You will no longer share the same toilet and bed. You can do and put up anything that you want. This is now like a Cloud servers.

With this privacy, you can now put up your own operating system may it be different from the others (Windows XP, 7 or Linux). You can now restart your server without the fear of affecting other sites. Though under the same roof, you have your own separate rooms with the independence just like a dedicated server.

And now finally that both of you have your own families, you will need to move out from your parent’s house and build your own home. You need a separate house where you can manage it the way you wanted it to. This is now the Dedicated Server Hosting.

It is pretty much like the Cloud servers, but this time, it is a separate private server. You will no longer fear from getting less out from what you pay because the server is all yours. And just like maintaining your own house, this is a bit more expensive than the other two.

Custom Trading Pins for Your Corporate Event

Handling a corporate event for existing and potential clients alike is no easy task. The advent of modern technology calls for businesses and companies to think of more creative and unique ways to leave a lasting impression. Your goal with every event you hold is to make it memorable because a great event is only possible with a great company behind it.

Besides the necessary arrangements you have to accomplish (time, venue, target attendees, etc.), another important task you have to take seriously is to plan on what souvenirs your guests can take home. Event souvenirs or giveaways make for a great memento to help your attendees remember not only the juncture but your brand as well. Now, you have probably thought of the traditional giveaways like flyers, brochures and key chains but those will not just do. You want to try something different, something new, something that your guests will find difficult to just discard casually once the day is over. The answer- trading pins.

There is no definite origin of trading pins but the oldest pins found are from curling clubs that date back to mid nineteenth-century. If this were true, it means that originally, these pins were designed for sports events.

Trading pinsThough these collectible pins are usually handed out in amusement parks (pin trading is a very popular culture in Disneyland), resorts, and sporting events, more and more companies are seeing the potential of these pins as a simple yet effective marketing tool. If you follow the original tradition of pin trading, you can use these pins on your event by telling your guests to keep them until the next corporate affair you will be holding. Make it an interactive keepsake that will bear them exclusive advantages (30% discount for sponsorships, free tickets, etc.) if they manage to save and bring it to your next event.

Trading pins are customarily governed by etiquette rules so you can use this tradition to your advantage by making your trading pins worthy of collecting or trading with other attendees. Turn it into a game where they have to follow a set of rules (particular to your event) when it comes to trading them with other pins you had made as well. You can also have custom-made, limited edition pins that you can give away through raffles with lucky winners receiving special prizes. By using collectible pins as your souvenirs, you will have an event worth remembering and a giveaway that is actually worth keeping.

If you think giving away just the trading pins is not enough, you can make it a part of a souvenir set. Since these pins are usually worn on a user’s article of clothing like a scarf, hat, or vest, having them go with branded hats would be a great idea as well. You can also throw in a free shirt with your event emblem, details, company logo and slogan so your guests will come home with three souvenir items they can wear and use again as separate pieces.

Planning an event for your company may sometimes be a herculean task but the best advice you can take is that you should always put yourself in the shoes of your attendees. Conceptualize some things about the event from their perspective by asking yourself questions like “If I was the guest, would I appreciate receiving trading pins or would I much rather come home with just event flyers as souvenirs?” You should know, after all, you have probably gone to other company’s events, too, right? Use that experience to make your event a much better and unforgettable one for your guests.

Why Choose Portable Storage Container?

More people come to appreciate the beauty of owning or having a portable storage container. The metal container can actually help keep things organized in your home and you can even convert it into a fully functional room.

Many people are already using their metal storage containers for other purposes other than storing their stuff. The container can also be converted into a mini-shop if you want to put up an arts and crafts store, a fruit and vegetable store, or convert it into a fully functional room that’s big enough to serve your purpose.

There are providers who offer to rent their containers and there are others who also sell their storage containers. You too will surely appreciate the extra space with tight security feature especially if you have a limited area in your house.

A Metal Container is Suitable for Commercial or Residential Use

A metal storage container is extremely versatile and it is great for commercial or residential use. A metal container can keep your valuables safe and secure and most containers come with high security features that most business owners appreciate and love.

If you are a business owner and you want a separate secure storage near your place of business, then owning a portable storage container might just be the thing you need. You can modify your own storage according to the purpose you need to fulfill. You can also create a different look for your container storage.

Offers Durability and Security

Portable storage containerThe portable metal containers are far more durable than plastic containers and this durability makes the metal containers more practical and economical as time goes by. The metal containers may seem too expensive now, but you will be able to use them for a long time that will prove that they are actually cheaper than any other container. You need to include the number of years that you will be able to use your containers in order to properly determine how costly or practical they are.

The metal containers come with high security locks and you can be certain that the things that you store inside are safe and well-protected. There are providers who also include high security lock boxes to double the security of the portable storage container.

Refurbished Containers

The metal containers are usually refurbished, but they were made from high quality steel that is practically unaffected by wear and tear. The containers are repainted and the provider sees to it that the container is in mint condition when it reaches your place. There is no leak and the locks are intact.

Price is just Right

There is no overpricing when it comes to metal containers. They are more durable than any other material, can tolerate all kinds of weather, and keep everything safe and secure.

It’s true that the metal containers may seem a bit expensive at the time when you buy it, but you will never have to buy another one to replace it after a long period of use. If you can properly maintain your container, then it will be able to give its services to you for a long time.

You can rent or buy the container – whichever is fine just as long as it will be able to accomplish the things you want from it. Make everything clear with the container provider before closing the deal. You need to make sure that when they deliver the container, everything has been settled except if there are additional charges that you need to pay upon the delivery as stipulated in your agreement.

It is always prudent to do your research first to get the best container provider around. Compare the prices of the different providers and if there are other things that go with their offer. You can also try asking if they can give discounts and see which provider will be able to give the best deal.

The portable storage container will serve you for a long time; just make sure to properly maintain your container.

The Different Types of Promotional Lanyards

A lanyard is a cord or rope, normally worn around the neck, wrist or shoulder to carry an object. It is used to make sure that the object is visible at all times. Lanyards are available in different braid patterns and color combinations. It is commonly worn on the shoulders of military uniforms to show the wearer’s regimental affiliation or qualification. Most wore the lanyard on the left, which enabled them to pull a whistle from the left tunic pocket for the sake of communicating with the troop. These days, a lanyard is used for promotional purposes.

The goal of using a lanyard is to help companies promote while providing functionality to the receiver. The lanyard is labeled based on the attachment it has, like swivel hooks, safety buckles, badge clip or key ring. The actual strap is made of various types of material. You can choose from nylon, cotton and polyester. These materials keep you comfortable as you wear your lanyard around your neck.

Badge Clip

LanyardsOrganizations and corporations use badge clip attachments for promotional lanyard. They use this attachment to display visitors or employee badges. Using a lanyard with a badge clip lets security personnel and others to identify visitors and employees easily.

Swivel Hook

The hook enables attachment to swivel around the lanyard attachment. A clasp that holds a set of keys or corporate employee badge is attached to the lanyard via a swivel mechanism. It can be metal or plastic and has a part that can be pushed inward to remove the badges, keys and other attachments from the hook.

Key Ring

Another popular type of a promotional lanyard is the lanyard with key ring attachments. These lanyards hold keys and can be used as giveaways during special events. A lanyard with key ring is perfect for employees with access to building keys and can likewise be ideal for college promotions for new dormitory tenants.

Safety Breakaway Buckles

There are several types of attachments available for the promotional lanyard. Some of which include double attachments and safety breakaway buckles, where several attachments are provided for different purposes. Breakaway buckles help those facing dangerous situations break free of the lanyard and prevent possible harm or injury, such as if a machine or an individual captures the items connected to the lanyard by the attachment.

Available Colors for Lanyard

These lanyards are available in many colors. The popular colors include red, black and blue. Others are available in yellow, brown and white. The imprint colors used for promotional purposes usually match the corporate colors, company’s logo or compliment the selection of lanyard color. Others may prefer to purchase it in colors that will blend with the occasions or events like cancer related fundraisers.

Imprints are normally done in what is known as a repeat pattern along the length of the strap. This implies that the chosen slogan, logo or other text printed at equal distances along the whole strap. Some lanyards may have several logos like those for sponsorships of charity events, in which the logos are repeated along the length of the strap.

Where to Purchase Your Promotional Lanyard?

The best place to purchase your promotional lanyard is online. Most online stores offer promotional lanyards at a discounted price. Before making a purchase make sure that all your conditions are met. Some online retailers may offer the products a little bit higher than others. List down 4 to 5 online stores, and then compare their prices. This will help you decide which company will provide a quality lanyard at reasonable price. Some offer higher discounts for those who order in bulk.

Manufacturing Rubber Wristbands

There are things, especially those small in size, which people take for granted. Simple supplies such as paper clips, rubber erasers and rubber bands are always getting lost, probably because not a lot of attention is given to these things. Not to make anyone feel bad or guilty, but the making of these items require a good deal of materials, time and labor. One rubber band lost is not really a big deal, but if every household in the United States loses a rubber band every day, almost a million dollars will go to waste.

In order to understand the value of rubber wristbands and to prevent them from getting lost, maybe it is best to enlighten people on how these bands are made.

The production of rubber wristbands does not start in the factory. In fact, it starts at plantations. Rubber plants are being harvested every so often to make the rubber material. Once harvested, the latex undergoes purification. Purification is the filtering of the harvested latex, which consists of straining it so that other elements and impurities, such as tree sap or loose seeds, are separated from the rubber.

rubber wristbandsAfter the rubber has been purified, it will be collected in large vats. Rubber vats will be combined using acetic or formic acid so that the rubber particles will cling together to form slabs. The slabs are then squeezed between rollers in order to remove water. They are pressed into bales or blocks, packed for shipping to the factories.

Once the blocks of rubber arrive at the rubber factory, the slabs are cut into smaller pieces. These pieces are thrown into a Banbury Mixer, a machine that mixes rubber with other ingredients, such as sulfur, color pigments and other chemicals, to achieve the elasticity of the rubber wristbands. The Banbury Mixer ensures that mixing is done much more thoroughly compared to what manual mixing can accomplish. Milling comes next in the production process and it entails heating the mass of mixed rubber and squeezing it flat with a milling machine.

After heating and flattening, the rubber is now cut into strips. The still-hot strips of rubber are fed into an extruding machine which forcefully shapes the rubber out in long hollow tubes. This part of the process is like a meat grinder producing long strings of meat. And like meat, excess rubber routinely builds up around the head of the extruding machine. This rubber is cut off and combined with the rubber just going into the milling machine.

Once the whole batch of rubber has been elongated into tubes, they are forced over aluminum poles and covered with talcum powder to keep the rubber from sticking. The poles and hauled onto racks and are steamed and heated in large machines.

The next step is to remove the poles from the racks and wash the talcum powder off the rubber. The last step involves being fed into another machine that slices the rubber into fine rubber wristbands.

Rubber bands are sold by weight. However, these bands tend to clump together so the weighing machine can only weigh rubber bands in small quantities.

Before shipping to the different industries, the quality of the finished product is tested. A sample rubber band is collected from each batch and is subjected to different tests for their quality. One test measures how hard a band snaps back. Good quality bands should snap back forcefully. Another test determines the farthest length a rubber band can stretch. The more rubber, the farther the band should stretch. Lastly, the rubber bands are tested to see how strong it is to withstand normal strain. If 90% of the samples pass a test, they move on to the next test. If 90% of the samples pass all of the tests, they are ready to be shipped to the market.

The Beginning of Custom Lapel Pins

Some might think that lapel pins are part of pop culture, which branded out in the late 90’s. The trend of these pins started when pop culture gave attention to past movements that appealed to that era. After all, the exposure of young people to these pins revolves around vintage pins that bear their favorite band, product, or issue that happened a few decades ago. These lapel pins are now used as fashion accessories or as items for collections of classic things. One thing right about these pins is that they are old.

The beginning of custom lapel pins started around the time of the Civil War era. Originally, these pins were used in military operations. The first kinds of these ornaments were used as identification purposes of the opposing side of the Civil War. These pins were used to identify the different units of the armies as well. This helped determine whether a soldier was fighting for or against an army.

Custom lapel pinsLapel pins also gained recognition because they were used as awarding tokens and badges to soldiers and generals. During the First World War, lapel pins were used as symbols of merit to key people who showed excellent service to the country. These pins weren’t attached to the clothes; rather they were presented as ribbons or pendants on chains. These pins were huge in size as well, compared to the small ones people are used to today. These emblems bear the reason for the award of merit.

After a while, the use of custom lapel pins spread in the world of politics. The communist party revolutionized the concept of pride upon wearing customized pins that bear the communist symbol. They wore this as proof of affiliation to the political party, making them feel superior above the others. Government agencies and departments utilized the lapel pin as well, wearing them for identification purposes. The CIA and FBI also wore these lapel pins. By then, the use of the lapel pin was getting more popular. Opposing political parties and organizations got creative and designed their own pins to mock their opponents. Ironically, this event got more attention that the legitimate pins for the real groups. At the same time, the lapel pin also became easier to use.

In the late 1900’s, lapel pins gained more popularity because the use spread further to non-government organizations. Groups supporting various issues made use of custom lapel pins to instill awareness to the people of their causes. The peace revolution released creatively-designed pins to attract more people to support their movement. The circular ‘peace’ symbol became a worldwide icon. Later on, campaigns for peace from around the world eventually used the symbol. Opposing groups of the government also made use of the lapel pins to identify supporters from non-supporters. A historical example of the use of lapel pins dates back in the 1960’s, when the Communist party was gaining power over China. Lapel pins of Mao Tse Tung were worn by loyal members of the affiliation.

Another example is the American flag lapel pin. These custom lapel pins were popular after the 9/11 incident. These pins gained popularity worldwide, as some wore it to show support and solidarity with the American people during this conflict. Soon after, people brought the America flag pin back when the country was in disarray. People also acquired this design during celebrations of their Independence Day.

Since these custom lapel pins represent a great deal in history, pop culture somehow found a way to revive old sentiments. Military service pins are passed down to generations as a symbol of honor. Iconic pins are also passed down for future use to make a distinguished mark in history.

Great Benefits of Training Mats for Golf Practice

Many pieces of golf equipment sold online offer numerous benefits for players. Among these solutions are training mats, which are mats with artificial turfs that resemble a small portion of a golf course.

People with landscape properties, which also look like a part of a golf course, find themselves lucky because they have a site for practicing golf. Nevertheless, it’s still best to use training mats due to the following reasons:

Designed for durability

Although these mats are designed with artificial turf, they are constructed for durability and guaranteed to last long despite regular training among golf newbies. Turfs remain intact for a long time, which saves buyers money upon investing this training solution.

Aside from turfs, these mats also have durable frames that can be fixed in place to keep them from moving when swinging. Outer frames have holes for screws, nails or pitch that allow players to secure them on the right spot. These frames are also made from top caliber materials that will survive rigorous training for starter golfers.

Although this golf equipment is not embedded on the ground directly, it comes with a spot made for placing tees. This allows players to practice the process of placing tees and hitting golf balls at farther distances. This part is compatible with various tees like wooden tees. Players can choose their preferred tees that will make them comfortable while playing.

Protect landscaped spots at home

Golf equipmentLandscaped spots at home seem to be ideal for training. The ground is virtually the same, which means it’s a good spot to hit golf balls. The problem is that hitting golf balls on the ground may cause divots, a common error among starting golfers. Once the ground had divots, homeowners need to replace them with soil and turfs to restore its look. However, simple repairs won’t restore the landscaped area to its original look.

By using this golf equipment, players will protect their landscaped gardens or lawns from divots caused by training. Even if the mat is placed on softer ground, hitting golf balls won’t cause divots because the mat will absorb the impact.

Return mat feature

A mat with return feature is a top favorite among people training their putter shots. This mat is ideal for people practicing their short-range shots, particularly driving the golf ball to the hole.

When the ball hit the hole, this mat will release the golf ball out then it will roll back to the player. The player remains in place and will just wait for the ball to roll near him then prepare for the next hit.

Ideal for every golfer

This golf equipment is perfect for golfers regardless of their dominant hands. Both right-handed and left-handed people will find themselves comfortable hitting the golf ball while training.

Moreover, training mats are not only for beginners. Although they are marketed for beginners, several advanced and professional golfers also have them in their homes. They want to make sure to practice their swings daily to keep them at their best shape when their actual games come.

Compatibility with other equipment

Another great mat feature is its compatibility with other golf training equipment. They have several parts ideal for attaching golf balls attached with bungee ropes. This will let golf balls return to the player regardless of the impact. They can tie them with the mat and the bungee rope will pull the ball back.

Without a doubt, a training mat is an ideal golf equipment to obtain for novice and advanced golfers. Its benefits go beyond being a good training aid, but a solution to protect lawn spots from continuous golf training. They also come in various types ideal for your training goals, ensuring you’ll be a golfer in the long run.

An introduction to chat services

Have you ever gone to a business’s website and noticed a chat box pop up out of nowhere? The starting dialogue usually goes, “Hi, my name is [insert computer-sounding name here]. How can I help you today?”

Unbeknownst to many, this chat box is one of the online advertising world’s methods of reaching out to the customers of today. It takes advantage of the world’s attraction to convenient online chatting – the exchange of ideas albeit in an often short-timed way. Indeed, this method actually works.

ApexChat, one of the websites that conduct this kind of service, said that businesses who hired them reported a 25 to 30% increase in customers after installing the script. It is, quite clearly, an easy way of gathering new leads.

This kind of advertising and marketing is called chat services.

Chat services are, to put it bluntly, scripts concocted for an online advertiser’s needs. As suggested in the name and the statements above, it takes the form of chat boxes pre-programmed with canned responses relating to the specific company’s product or product line. This is especially useful for businesses which have no time to address customer concerns or reach out to the same.

Many chat services provide their would-be customers (who are usually online advertisers) with plans that are customized for their own needs and budget. If need be, the chat box itself can be tweaked to match the advertiser’s web page style and design.

chat servicesApplying for a chat service to be installed in one’s website is easy. Registering an account with the chosen provider is, of course, imperative. The advertiser must then submit as much information as he or she can to the chat services provider. These pieces of information will serve as reference points for the canned responses that will be included in the chat box’s script. For example, for a herbal juice product, queries such as “What are the ingredients for this juice?” can be answered through pre-programming with “Tropical fruits and vegetables that are good for you.” and so on.

In this arrangement, unless stated otherwise, the advertiser will only be notified via text messaging or e-mail if a sales transaction is closed or a concern was answered adequately.

Some providers also give the option of customizing whether the chat box is maintained by an online, pre-programmed persona or by a real-live human being. In this case, an advertiser can opt to have the chat box regulated by a human from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The time between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. of the next day will then be taken over by the online, pre-programmed persona.

They can also record geographic location, time and date of communication, I.P. address, as well as visitor browser type for reference later on. If, for example, the advertiser wishes to know where his or her product is enjoying vibrant sales, he or she can refer to these statistics.

If the advertiser is concerned about the security and performance of the chat box, he or she need not be. Though the operations are carried out online and impersonally, staff of chat service providers would usually check how their clients are doing in terms of the chat box’s activity.

Installation of chat services is a relatively easy and efficient way of reaching out to customers. An advertiser can develop a hands-free approach to marketing his or her product, and will only need to browse the transactions if the need arises. He or she can devote more time to improving the quality of the product or developing better versions of the product.

It is also more convenient for customers to interact in real-time, even if only with a pre-programmed persona. It gives a sense of relativity from the customer to the advertiser, and vice versa.

Reaching out to the market has never been this easy.

4 Ways That SEO Companies Trump Amateur Marketing Talent Every Time

There are a lot of different people trying to make a go at marketing today. You will find that through it all, there are going to be elements of optimization that you just can’t really chase moving forward. You will find that if you chase the right implementation, however, you will be able to gain marginal traffic. The key is to figure out how to implement things in the right manner, and then continue to do it. The issue isn’t a matter of whether or not you can trump SEO companies through DIY, it’s that you most likely won’t, and that’s because you don’t have the time. There are 4 ways that a professional company will trump your efforts, and it will be evidenced by how they use their relationships with others. Consider the following ways that you’re going to find professional companies will trump your efforts, guaranteed.

Publishing Great Content:

The first thing that you will notice isSEO-Companies that professionals know how to publish great content. They not only create it straightway, they focus on building the pieces that will work best for your audience. What does your audience want? They want information. Information design is the most important thing that you can work with online, and if you post it correctly, across several platforms, you will gain market share. The misunderstanding that most people have, however, is that content is one sided, or that is relies on parlor tricks to move forward.

Truth be told, content falls into 15 to 20 categories of style. You will find that the average blogger and website is only publishing one or two things. They are evident through the constant push of lackluster, thin, content that doesn’t do much more than fill space. You don’t want filler on your page, you want to make sure that you have a great deal of implementation moving forward. The content design that you need to focus on includes a diversity that is not going to be easily done.

Building Good Backlinks:

If you want to trump the professionals, you are going to have to get links from good sites. Good backlinks will help you create market share throughout the industry. There are a lot of niches that don’t really have a lot of competition, which makes this a bit harder, but you will still want to integrate specialized solutions moving forward. It’s imperative that you look into networking with pages that are going to allow you to build the right link strategy. If you tried to do this alone, you would have to either buy links outright, or you would have to ask a lot of websites to post a backlink on their pages for you. This is the equivalent of cold calls for sales. If you’re good at marketing, and you can get others to link to you, you’ll do well, but if you can’t, you will not trump anyone.

With that in mind, you will find that SEO companies seem to have built in networks to link from when you sign up with them. This will be showcased with the constant push forward that comes from marketing within their pages. You’ll find that most big companies that are working on search engine optimization today have a white list of sites that will allow them to link to their clients within many niches. If not, they can find places to link you that the average person won’t be able to find.

Managing Landing Pages:

Every single landing page in the world has a call to action. You may not think that you have any landing pages online, but you will find that this is just something that you should understand on a basic level. If you think that a landing page is nothing more than a one page site that has a call to action, you will be wrong. Any page that is found through organic, natural searches is something that you should look into moving forward. Without the right pieces found in place here, you will end up losing out on the future of your overall reach. You need to optimize every page that you have on your site, and you need to ensure that you are working towards a better overall solution.

Generating Real Traffic:

Traffic is an issue for everyone. There are a few people that can do it without hiring SEO companies, but they are few and far between. The average DIY marketer is not going to be able to get the same kind of push forward that a professional can. The reason being is that there is a time crunch involved with publishing the right pieces overall. Generating traffic requires content driven marketing, and social media integration working at all cylinders. If they are not working together, you will find that it can be weeks before your posts get indexed and you will find yourself scrambling to fill voids within the marketing collateral that you have. It’s something that is far more complicated than anyone realizes and something that is definitely going to be difficult to manage overall.

Realistically, you will not be able to trump a professional, you can try, but it’s better to hire them to work with you than to compete against them.

Author Bio:

Information design is the most imperative thing that you can work with online, and if you do it appropriately you will gain market share.

Small Scale SEO Projects For Big Results

There are a lot of different types of sites that you can build on the internet. You’re not isolated to just one, and that’s why many people are starting to build their own sites. In fact, more and more people are launching their own personal pages than ever before, and it’s not just a branch of social media. In some instances, a full site can be managed for around $8 a month, and that includes a domain name, hosting and more. Even though you can set up a personal age, or even a site for your business options, you will need to understand the major problem that every single website on the internet faces, traffic.

No One Is Exempt From Traffic Issues

On the internet today, the main purpose of creating a website is to get people to see it. If you build it, and no one sees it, you may find yourself dealing with a variety of issues. What good is a website that you’re crafting if you get no hits to it. For some that is ok, but if you want to build a business, you absolutely need a great deal of traffic to generate any sort of income, or even gain a following.

For those that scoff at the notion that large companies face this issue, all you need to do is look at the proposed marketing budgets that many companies have. You’ll find that the top corporations are spending millions of dollars to fund internet marketing, SEO projects and so much more. You may not have the budget that a large corporation has, but you can still work on search engine optimization without spending a fortune. Leveling the playing field may not happen on day one, but if you slowly take shots at the proverbial tree trunk, the tree will fall and you’ll gain clearance to get more traffic.

3 Major Elements of SEO For Small Scale Projects

If you’re setting up a 1 page site, or a blog that has a few posts every week, you’ll want to take into account 3 major elements of SEO that will help you gain a foothold online.

Element #1 – Strict Content Management

If you want to isolate your page to one niche, or market, you will want to ensure that the content that you’re going to upload is strictly written. Whether you hire a professional or you do it yourself, make sure to write it out, edit it, and edit again. Every single word that you use has to be thought about and it has to contain very specific keyword density, and repetition. If you’re also going to have a site that doesn’t get updated often, this becomes crucial. Every word should be carefully processed for maximum effect.

Element #2 – Image Optimization

For those that are going to be using visual media, make sure that it’s absolutely optimized for web and mobile devices. All images should be 72 dpi, and should not be too large. HTML modifications should not shrink larger images into place, as that doesn’t help with page loading. Page load speeds are effected with images, so make sure that you’re careful in what you’re selecting to upload. The smaller the file size, the better off you’ll be overall.

Element #3 – Outbound Links

When you’re putting up information online, make sure that you have outbound links to major sources. Don’t flood your content with links, but if you find a relevant authority site, link certain anchor text. This will show search engines that you’re not trying to “game” the system, or trying to isolate your page’s content for the purpose of just SEO.

Small scale projects require less intensive search engine optimization, but it should not be ignored. Without it, traffic generation can turn into an arduous thing.